WELL v2 Standard

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The WELL Building Standard sets the guidelines for a more thoughtfully designed space focused on human centricity, making health and well-being priority. Contact us and allow our WELL Accredited Professionals to help you with your lighting design by providing you the information and products you need to achieve WELL certification.

L03 Circadian Lighting Design

Over exposure to artificial lighting as well as light emitted from computer monitors and cell phone screens can disrupt our circadian rhythm greatly. Although access to natural light is best for maintaining circadian health, the WELL standard has set guidelines to avoid this disruption by requiring spaces to reach minimum Equivalent Melanopic Lux (EML) levels.

Compatible Products

Coronet will provide SPD information for all our products upon request to be used by designers in evaluating the EML levels of their project.

L04 Electric Light Glare Control

Glare control is essential to visual performance and the comfort of our eyes. The WELL Standard guides designers towards restricting glare to eliminate visual discomfort and our products have been designed with those same needs in mind.

Compatible Products

Visit our Unified Glare Rating page for a long list of products meeting the WELL Standard for this category.

L07 Electric Light Quality

The way in which we perceive colors has an underrated yet overwhelming effect on how much we enjoy the overall aesthetic of a space as much as unsteady, fluttering light can negatively impact its comfortability. This category of WELL requires all lighting in a building to deliver high Color Rendering and R9 values and for drivers to meet recommended frequency values.

Compatible Products

All of our fixtures meet these criteria with CRI over 90 and R9>50 for every LED board provided. Additionally, the drivers used in our light fixtures satisfy the requirement of 90hz minimum frequency at all 10% light output intervals from 10-100%. You might say we pass...with flying colors!

L09 Occupant Lighting Control

A WELL Certified building requires control of lighting through a manual or automated control system in an occupied space. This system must have control over color, color temperature, and light distribution, but can also offer other capabilities that allow for ultimate lighting control.

Compatible Products

We have taken a completely agnostic approach to controls systems and our entire product line is compatible with virtually every system.

M02 Nature & Place

We are preconditioned as human beings to feel our best in the presence of nature. In this category of WELL standards elements of natural patterns, materials, colors, or images are to be present in a WELL-designed space.

Compatible Products

Wood grain finishes are available on a variety of our products to satisfy this category. Additionally, utilizing our optically enhanced spot lights or wall washers to highlight biophilic design will certainly meet these needs.

I01 Innovate WELL

There are several innovative ways in which we can enhance human health and positively impact occupants in space. The benefits of these innovations need to be supported by scientific, medical and/or industry research.

Compatible Products

STFU - Sound dampening fixtures wrapped in acoustic felt with high Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) ratings are available for a more peaceful environment. GUV - Upper Germicidal UV light utilized on our linear fixtures disinfects the air in a room while simultaneously providing ambient lighting. In addition, we offer an air purifier using the same GUV technology in conjunction with a building’s HVAC system.

As a member of IALD, Coronet has a network of IALD, CLD and NCQLP certified professionals that can assist you with achieving maximum comfort for your building’s occupants. We also offer an AIA presentation for a more in-depth understanding of The WELL v2 Standard. Contact us for more information.