STFU Acoustic Series

Your lighting and acoustic solutions combined.

The STFU Acoustic Series showcases our sleek designs wrapped in acoustic felt, for high-performance and noise-reducing architectural lighting.

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Specify STFU felt on our LS Series linear lighting products or choose from a variety of decorative fixtures. With highly customizable features—including color, shape, size, mounting options and more—STFU lighting can be tailored to suit any modern space.

Illuminated STFU Products

Drop – STFU
Origami – STFU
Petite Fleur
STFU Baffle

No-Light STFU Products


Build a color palette tailored to your space.

Our lightweight, fire-resistant felt wrapping comes in 20 standard colors and may also be made in additional custom colors upon request.

Opt for a sleek monochromatic aesthetic, or mix and match for a playful look. Neutral color options allow wrapped fixtures to blend into spaces and inconspicuously control sound, while bolder shades can make for a functional and stylish statement piece.

Cater to your exact acoustic needs.

All linear and decorative STFU luminaires can be fitted with standard or custom height baffles, or interspersed with our STFU NL fixtures for varied levels of sound dampening.


Quality light, striking design, acoustic control.