24 Feb 2021
Easy Cove Ceiling

Easy to spec. Easy to join. Easy to install. Easy great cove lighting. Compatible with pre-fabricated and custom coves.

2 Feb 2021
More for Magneto – Puck

Magnetically held downlight designed to be easily repositioned in magneto track on site

21 Jan 2021
Coronet offers support for WELL v2 certification

Allow our WELL Accredited Professionals to help with your lighting design by providing the information and products you need to achieve WELL certification.

14 Jan 2021
Designed and Built in the USA

As friends and neighbors, we’re right here to work with architects, designers, engineers, and builders throughout the country

6 Jan 2021
New York Minute

Our fixtures and showroom: a studio coronet LED vignette

7 Nov 2020
Renewing our Commitment to Carbon Neutrality

This year, we’re offsetting 1,134 tons of carbon emissions through our contributions to these projects: Seneca Meadows Landfill Gas, USA and Teak Afforestation, Mexico.

29 Oct 2020
Precision Engineered Optics

Our precision engineered optics give lighting designers ultimate control.